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A-B Connector Project Video Series: Time-Lapse Demolition

A-B Connector Project Demolition Timelapse from YVR Media Relations on Vimeo.

The A-B Connector Project made huge progress over the summer, and a big part of the work being done was the careful demolition of certain portions of the terminal.

This time-lapse video shows the dismantling of the better part of Gate B12, in service at YVR for more than 45 years.

There are also some pop-up fun facts throughout that will teach you all about the machinery being used for demolition, and what we do with the significant amount of materials that are taken down.

Watch Part 1 of the A-B Connector Project Video Series here.


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  • Andrew Bennett wrote on Oct 07 2013 AT 4:14 PM

    I say "more power to ya" if it means a more efficient and better run airport.  Good Job YVR!!
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