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Aircraft of the Month: Boeing 767-300ER

At the end of this month we will welcome another new carrier to YVR: All Nippon Airways (ANA). Doubling the excitement for the arrival of this new carrier is that All Nippon (ANA) will fly a completely new route from YVR, direct to Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND), which is Tokyo's downtown airport.

Any time we welcome a new carrier we like to take a closer look at the aircraft they will be flying to YVR, in this case, a Boeing 767-300ER.

The 767-300 variant of the Boeing 767 began service in 1986, operated by Japan Airlines. The main difference between the 767-200 and the 767-300 was the length of the fuselage, while the rest of the aircraft remaining largely unchanged. All 104 orders for the 767-300 were filled and more than half remain in service today.

The 300ER (ER stands for extended range) was first flown in 1988 by American Airlines. This variant's extended range was thanks to greater fuel capacity and design improvements that raised the maximum take-off weight. The 767-300ER variant was produced more than all other 767 types combined. A total of 582 orders were filled, and 533 of these planes are still in service throughout the world.  

Manufacturer: Boeing
Country: United States
First Flight: January 25, 1983
Cockpit Crew: 2
Capacity: 269 (2 class)
Length: 54.9 m (180 ft 3 in.)
Wingspan: 47.6 m (156 ft 1 in)
Fuselage Height: 5.41 m (17 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 283.3 m² (3,050 sq ft)
Empty weight: 90,010 kg (198,440 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 186,880 kg (412,000 lb)
Maximum cruise speed: 913 km/h (493 knots, 567 mph)
Cruise speed: 851 km/h (470 knots, 530 mph) at 11,000 m (35,000 ft)
Maximum Range:  11,090 km (5,990 nmi, 6,890 mi)

Did You Know? ANA is one of the most prominent operators of 767s in terms of volume, with 50 in its fleet. ANA is landing on March 30, and we can't wait to welcome this new carrier and its aircraft to YVR.



  • anthony wrote on Mar 21 2014 AT 4:11 PM

    do you know which runway the ana 763ER is gonna land on?
  • Peter Hann wrote on Mar 22 2014 AT 11:13 AM

    Pleased to see the correction to your original blog of 21/03. JAL is a fine carrier but to  feature JAL when introducing ANA. Oh My!
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