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YVR Before & After: Level 1

So much has changed at YVR over the years. But even after several decades, some things remain the same.

On the left of this composition, you'll see Level 1 of the terminal as it was in the ‘70s, less than a decade after it was first built, a modern marvel. The image at right is how the Domestic Terminal looks today. 

What’s the same? You can see the big valet parking sign in the old picture, and that service remains almost exactly where it was decades ago. Just outside the frame of the one on the right is Gateway Valet, tucked just inside those sliding glass doors. The ramp on the far left is still in place for access from Level 1 to Level 2, and the concrete overhang also remains.

What's different? The most obvious change is that the tower looming in the background is no longer visible. A new 19-storey air traffic control replaced the original tower in 1996. The walkway is also new, which leads from the Domestic Arrivals Level 2 across to the parkade. As you can see on the sign above the entrance, this area used to be International Arrivals. Today, it’s part of the Domestic Terminal, and home to many businesses and personal services shops like a dentist, clinic and pharmacy…not to mention a 7-Eleven, Absolute Spa, drycleaner and a shoe and luggage repair shop. The curb is primarily used for valet services, hotel and parking shuttle pick-ups.

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