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YVR Before and After: Domestic Terminal Building

On the left a picture of the brand new terminal constructed in 1968 complete with air traffic control tower and for the time, modern architectural features. Look at that bus!

On the right, the Domestic Terminal Building as it appears today some 46 years later. You can see the tower has since been moved, foliage has entered the picture and some more advanced vehicles are now driving up and down Grant McConachie Way, so named the very year the first picture was taken!



  • Squinty wrote on Apr 29 2014 AT 7:31 AM

    do you have a smaller version? I can almost make this one out. Thanks!
  • Blob wrote on Apr 30 2014 AT 10:45 PM

    Damn, I can kinda see buildings if I squint. Is it possible that a smaller image could be uploaded?
  • Colin wrote on Feb 24 2015 AT 6:04 PM

    Nice pics but yes, larger would be nice. I was there within a couple of days of the opening in 1968. What an incredible structure it was compared to the old terminal it replaced on the south side. Used to love going out on the old open air observation deck. Also back then you could walk freely down to the gates to meet someone or just wander around looking at the planes. It was there I saw Canadian Pacific's first stretched DC-8. CP still had the DC-6's on the tarmac then too. And of course the very first 737 had just arrived to take it's place. Also for that time the terminal was so over built that it always seemed nearly deserted due to the small number of flights. This allowed the lowest level to be an underground parking lot while waiting for the need for expansion. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.
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