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YVR Playlist: Track 1

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Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and for every situation, different styles, songs and artists pair well with the moment. A relaxing evening at home might call for some smooth jazz. Classical music is good for studying or reading. And some fast-paced music can inspire an otherwise dull workout.

But what music matches well with air travel? The YVR Playlist will answer this question. We kick off with an uplifting rock anthem from one of the most prolific and popular bands in musical history.

Spread Your Wings - Queen


The song is about Tommy, a young man who is wasting his youth away sweeping floors at The Emerald Bar. The lyrics urge Tommy to break out of his situation and pursue his dreams, to "spread your wings and fly away". This song is perfect for those types of trips where your looking to go on a grand adventure, encouraging the listener to break out of their shell and seize the day.

The song was originally featured on Queen's 1977 News of the World album which went 4x platinum and features two of the most iconic rock songs of all time (We Will Rock You, We are the Champions). It was then released as a single in 1978 alongside Sheer Heart Attack. It was written by guitarist Brian May and the video was shot in drummer Roger Taylor's backyard on a snowy day.

Travellers wanting to enjoy the YVR Playlist or any other tunes can visit one of our Tech on the Go locations or visit an iStore to pick up headphones, listening devices or adapters needed to enjoy some music while waiting in the terminal or in-flight.

Hit us up with your favourite travel song in the comments section and we might feature it on the playlist.


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