Today, Northerners are dealing with dramatic changes brought about by interaction with the South.

This work, titled Change, by Kiugak, is of an adult Southerner with an Inuit child. The adult figure, in a thinking pose, reflects the introduction of new ideas, which have brought about the dramatic changes.

Kiugak Ashoona
Cape Dorset 1988
78.8x41x24 cm - Serpentine

This dramatic work of the Crucifixion Scene is an example of religious acculturation. Many Inuit have accepted Christianity in place of traditional beliefs. Some artists, such as Thomassiapik Sivuarapik, have incorporated Christian themes as subject matter.

Thomassiapik Sivuarapik
Crucifixion Scene
Povungituk 1992
56x30x17.6 cm - Soapstone

For many people, creating art has provided a much needed source of income and has proven to be a vehicle for personal expression and cultural affirmation.

Kiugak Ashoona
Thinker Transformation
Cape Dorset 1980
38.8x23.9x28.8 cm - Serpentine

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