Traditionally, the people of the Canadian Arctic depended for their very survival on the ability to make by hand all necessities of everyday existence.

Life was precarious because people depended solely upon the hunting of animals for food, shelter, clothing and tools.

Peter Eyeetsiak
Inuk Carrying 3 Walrus Heads
Cape Dorset, NT 1986
42 x 34.6 x 27 cm - Serpentine

Juanisi Itukalla is known for his expressive and detailed sculptures of wildlife. Here two seals are fighting for their lives.

Juanisi Jakusi Itukalla
Bear Fighting Two Seals
Povungnituk 1979
35.5x36.6x24 cm


This work by Ungalaq reflects a tragic episode in the Igloolik region of Canada in the late 1940's when some Inuit were dying of starvation.

James Ungalaq
Igloolik 1991
44.5x34x18 cm

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