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Posts in March 2013

  • YVR Good Friday Fun Fact: More Than 500 Flowering Trees on Sea Island

    More than 500 flowering trees call Sea Island home and they are starting to show off their colours this Spring.
  • Spring has Sprung at YVR

    It's that special time of year at YVR when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, the flowers blossom and colours burst through the grey to brighten up the airport grounds. We interview Randy Sharp, a landscape architect who helps explain all the work that goes in to beautifying the Vancouver International Airport, and take a look at some of the flora that bloom this time of year.
  • Where at YVR - March 27th

    Last week's was way too easy, so this time around we tried to make it a little more difficult.
  • Noodlelicious

    To celebrate National Noodle Month – yes, you read that correctly – Cathay Pacific is launching a contest to source the very best pan-Asian noodle dish, to be served as an in-flight entrée aboard its flights between North America and Hong Kong.
  • Air Panda - FedEx Flight Arrives with Precious Cargo

    In the wee hours of Monday morning, Er Shun and Da Mao, two of about 1,600 giant pandas left in the world, touched down after a long flight from Chengdu in a custom FedEx plane (pictured above and below) adorned with the panda image to indicate its special cargo.
  • Fun Fact Friday: 3,100 Free Baggage Carts at YVR

    Passengers arriving and departing from YVR come with a good portion of their earthly belongings crammed in to suitcases they are lugging around. To help them navigate the travelling experience and avoid lower back pain, YVR has free baggage carts strategically located throughout the terminal and curbside for public use.
  • Survey Says! Input on our environment plans

    In the next few weeks, the Airport Authority's environment team is looking for feedback from the community to help update two of its key plans: the Environmental Management Plan and the Noise Management Plan. The environment team has created a short survey that will identify common themes and issues that will help establish the goals of the new five-year Environmental Management Plan and Noise Management Plan.
  • Sunny Airside Photos at YVR

    It was another sunny Spring day at YVR and our friends airside once again came through with some spectacular shots of the action outside.
  • Spring Break Travel Tips

    Whether you’re travelling through YVR to a warm destination or just looking for some family fun, we’ve got ideas to help you make Spring Break happy and hassle-free.
  • First Day of Spring Photos at YVR

    As the sun poked its head through the clouds today we were treated to some fantastic photos from our friends airside, who have a front row seat to the awesome visuals that come along when you combine aircraft with clear skies.
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