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A-B Connector Project Video Series: Men of Steel

The A-B Connector Project is a big deal. How big? The new terminal will be about 280,000 square feet once it's completed!  A lot of this new structure will be made from structural steel. Versatile and sturdy, steel is a vital material that brings this fantastic new terminal to life. Behind the towering beams and cruciform columns, you'll find Andy and his team of engineers, who meticulously planned and designed how the steel was used. Before we meet the men behind the metal, soak up some of these steel fun facts:
  • The heaviest piece of cruciform column used for the A-B Connector is a whopping 11.7 metric tons
  • Upon project completion, 4,254 steel beams will be put in place and 919 columns will be installed
  • The steel package for the project weighs more than 82 Boeing 737-800s combined
  • The steel trusses weigh in at around 12, 320 kg each - and that's before weld and paint
  • More than 22,000 hours have gone in to the design of the structural steel package
  • One fixed bridge is approximately 3.4 m (11 ft), 4.3 m (14 ft) and 21.6 (71 ft), and weighs 11, 570 kg

Hundreds of workers from across eight time zones and 12,000 kilometres have come together to bring the A-B Connector to fruition.

Next video in the A-B Connector Project Video Series is a big one: a look at the first phase of the A-B Connector when it opens mid-June. Stay tuned!

A-B Connector Proejct Video Series


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