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A penny saved is a penny donated – YVR comes together for Quest Food Exchange

The copper was collected, stacked and weighed this afternoon at YVR when the entire airport community banded together (with some friendly competition) and collected pennies for Quest Food Exchange.

With a DJ playing and former Live@YVR resident Jaeger Mah on the microphone, the atmosphere was upbeat at our public copper-coin celebration. And it wasn’t just YVR employees who got into the spirit of giving – passengers also dug into their pockets to play penny games for prizes and enjoy penny candies. 

In total, 518 kilograms of pennies were collected, enough to fund 2,200 lunches this summer. The summer months can be tough on families that rely on school lunch programs to provide a nutritious meal. The money collected today will help bridge that gap and provide lunches for kids in need.

Congratulations go to Fairmont Vancouver Airport, which collected the most pennies of all businesses on YVR’s Sea Island home. The 45.05 kg of pennies donated by the Fairmont will purchase 191 school lunches! The top spot was a close battle though, with Marquise Group was just behind with 44.5 kg of pennies – enough to purchase 189 school lunches. In a not-to-distant third place were volunteers with the YVR Chaplaincy, who collected 33.05 kg of pennies (141 school lunches). 

Vancouver Airport Authority also held an internal competition amongst departments to see which could collect the most pennies. In first place was the Maintenance department, which collected an astonishing 51.75 kg of pennies (220 school lunches!). In second place was the Communications department (102 lunches) and third was the Environment department (89 lunches).

Thank you to everyone who works at or travelled through YVR and participated by giving pennies. Also deserving of a huge thanks are elementary school students from Burkeville who were on hand to help roll all that loose change. 

Visit Quest Food Exchange’s website for more information about the organization and the important role it plays in the community.



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