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A vision for Flight Path Park takes shape

flight path park renderingYVR’s community relations team has now hosted two open houses to gather input on the future of Flight Path Park. This little park is a favourite gathering spot for the airport community, Richmond residents and plane-spotters. It’s at the end of the South Runway on Russ Baker Way, and is a great destination for an aviation-themed picnic – particularly when it stops bucketing rain. (It will stop, won’t it?)

Feedback has been fantastic. Some of the recurring ideas: maintaining an aviation theme, better access for parking and extending the "runway" pathways.

Armed with these ideas, an artist has produced some preliminary illustrations of the new Flight Path Park, shown at right and in this presentation.

What do you think? If you missed out on the sessions and still want to offer your two cents, email your answers to one or two of these questions to  


1. Sea Island's cycling path network is expanding in 2013, resulting in improved access to Flight Path Park. Would you use the park as a destination for cycling on Sea Island? If so, what cycling features would you like to see at the park?

2. Many people enjoy the plaza area. What improvements would you like to see in the main Compass Rose area?

a.  Social gathering space
b.  Interpretive signage and information
c.  Children’s play area
d.  Sheltered area

3. We plan on installing interpretive signage as part of phase two updates.  What would you like to see as the theme for this interpretive signage?

a. Guide to flight (how planes fly)
b. Destinations
c. Compass points
d. Plane spotting guide
e. Plants and wildlife
f. Different airline carriers

4. Do you have any other questions or feedback?


  • Ali wrote on Mar 15 2013 AT 10:09 AM

    Is there a link to the feedback form?  Thanks
  • Chris Richards wrote on Mar 15 2013 AT 10:49 AM

    We've embedded the questions in to the story instead, you can just email your responses to the above address.

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