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Aircraft of the Month: Airbus A319

It's only April, but 2014 has been chockablock with new service inaugurals at YVR. It seems that we are welcoming new aircraft, new airlines and new routes every week. And starting Monday, we are excited to welcome a new offering from our biggest carrier, as Air Canada Air Canada rouge begins service at YVR.  

The airline will use the versatile Airbus A319 to connect its holiday-minded passengers to Las Angeles, Las Vegas, Anchorage, San Francisco and Phoenix from YVR, with the first service to Las Vegas launching on April 28.

Pictured here in Air Canada rouge livery, the A319 is a shortened version of the Airbus A320, with the same fuel capacity but longer range. The A319 is also known as the A320M-7 and is 3.73 metres shorter than its predecessor, the A320.  

Operators: Many! Of the airlines that service YVR, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Sichuan, Delta, China Eastern, China Southern, British Airways, American Airlines, Air China and, of course, Air Canada rouge all operate an A319 on one of their routes worldwide.
Manufacturer: Airbus
Country: France
First flight: April, 1996
Cabin crew: 4
Capacity: 142 (Air Canada rouge's configuration)
Length: 33.8 metres (111 ft.)
Wingspan: 34.1 metres (111 ft. 10 in.)
Height: 11.76 metres (38 ft. 7 in.)
Wing area: 122.6 metres sq. (1,320 sq. ft.)
Empty weight: 40,800 kilograms (89,900 lbs.)
Max. takeoff weight: 75.5 tonnes (166,000 lbs.)
Maximum speed: 871 km/h (537 mph)
Cruise speed: 837 km/h (520 mph)
Cruise altitude: 10,688 metres (35,000ft.)
Range: 4,442 kilometres
Service ceiling: 12,000 metres (39,000 ft.)
Engines: CFM56-5A5 or CFM56-5B6

Did you know? An A319 made a record-setting delivery by flying 3,588 nautical miles (6,645 km) on the Great Circle Route to Winnipeg, Manitoba from Hamburg, in nine hours and five minutes.

YVR routes:

  • Las Vegas, NV - daily, effective April 28
  • Los Angeles, CA - four times daily, effective May 1
  • Anchorage, AK - daily, effective May 16
  • San Francisco, CA, four times daily, effective July 1
  • Phoenix, AZ, daily, effective December 17

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  • anthony wrote on Apr 27 2014 AT 8:57 PM

    when the ACR A319 comes is it possible you can make it fly by my house in west Vancouver i always wanted to get a picture of the rouge A319
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