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Backpedalling: A Bike to Work Week Wrap

Last week was the second Bike to Work Week of 2013, and was another huge success. The YVR-sponsored event broke all sorts of participation records with 931 teams, 3,243 riders and resulted in a 43,666 kilogram reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The six members of Team YVR biked more than 360 kilometres over the course of Bike to Work Week and reduced C02 levels by 68 kilograms.  

While reducing emissions is the goal, the benefits of participating go beyond helping the environment. YVR team member Janice Murray says there are lots of reasons to cycle. "My commute distance is fairly short compared to some, but every kilometre is counted so no distance is too small. HUB also offer some fantastic prizes during the week and although I’ve yet to win one, I keep trying!  It works for me because I save on gas, get some exercise and zip past the traffic lineups, especially in the morning - win, win, win!"

YVR also hosted a celebration station on Tuesday of Bike to Work Week at the new and improved Larry Berg Flight Path Park on Russ Baker Way. We had 55 cyclists stop by to say hello and 49 pedal on by.

Bike to Work Week is organized by HUB, a charitable organization that works towards making cycling a more attractive option for everybody. For more information on this Bike to Work Week or upcoming events you can visit their website.


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  • Ken Lawson wrote on Nov 12 2013 AT 4:29 PM

    Get this in your g.d. heads we not running no bike to work, do get it, now have you installed the parking meters for bikers on the bike racks around Vancouver, when we win the next election it going to happen, along with tolls on bike lanes and bike paths!
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