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Cathay Pacific 30th Anniversary at YVR Contest: Question 4



Our Cathay Pacific Anniversary trivia contest is in full swing with only one day left before we give away the 51" aircraft model! We already posted Question 3 today and now we are on to Question 4.

For every correct question you answer you get an entry in to a draw for the big prize (pictured below). Just put your answer in the comments section for a chance to win, and don't forget to answer Question 1 and Question 2 for more chances. We made Question 4 a bit harder, you might have to actually look this one up!

Question 4: What does the word Cathay mean/where does it come from?

Don't forget top anwer the other questions for more chances to win, and like our Facebook page for more updates.





  • Cameron Ellis wrote on May 13 2013 AT 2:59 PM

    Cathay is/was another name for China.
  • Tom Wong wrote on May 13 2013 AT 3:19 PM

    The word Cathay is derived from "Khitan", which was used to refer to China in ancient history
  • Ryan Stammers wrote on May 13 2013 AT 4:12 PM

    Another word for China originating from the word Khitan
  • Kingston Wang wrote on May 13 2013 AT 5:20 PM

    Cathay was an alternative word for China. 
  • Atiya Jaffar wrote on May 13 2013 AT 5:41 PM

    Cathay is an alternative name for China and originates from the word "Khitan". 
  • John wrote on May 13 2013 AT 8:16 PM

    Cathay is the ancient name given to China
  • Zeljko Travica wrote on May 13 2013 AT 8:45 PM

    "Cathay" was an alternative name for "China" in medieval Europe.
  • Dave McIntyre wrote on May 14 2013 AT 10:57 AM

    Cathay means China;  it is an old name for the Celestial Empire, said have been introduced by Marco Polo and to be a corruption of the Tartar name for North China (Khitai, the country of the Khitans.) 
  • Vikki wrote on May 14 2013 AT 11:56 AM

    "A medieval name for China popularized by Marco Polo in accounts of his travels."

    (according to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language; )
  • Keith Chan wrote on May 14 2013 AT 12:13 PM

    Cathay just means China from older times, and it's from the work Khitan
  • Guy Bruggeman wrote on May 14 2013 AT 12:19 PM

     Cathay means China.  Legend has it that in this bar sometime in early 1946, some journalists were chatting to Roy Farrell and Syd de Kantzow about possible names for an airline and one came up with Cathay Pacific.
  • Allen wrote on May 14 2013 AT 12:41 PM

    An alternative name for China -  originates from the word Khitan
  • Emily Wong wrote on May 14 2013 AT 1:16 PM

    Cathay means China from the ancient times, and it comes from word Khitan
  • Tim C wrote on May 14 2013 AT 10:31 PM

    Cathay is the Anglicized version of "Catai" and an alternative name for China. It originates from the word Khitan.( ̄ω ̄;)!!
  • William Tang wrote on May 14 2013 AT 11:36 PM

    Cathay was an ancient term for China
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