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Fun Fact Friday: Burkeville is named after Stanley Burke, former president of Boeing Canada

As the only residential area on Sea Island, a place otherwise dotted by runways, hangars, terminals and a whole lot of grassland, the vibrant village community of Burkeville is the place where some people truly call the airport home.

Constructed by the federal goverment in 1943 as part of the wartime effort to serve as housing for employees of the nearby Boeing manufacturing plant, Burkeville earned its moniker through a naming competition by Boeing employees. The competition resulted in the selection of Burkeville as a name, after the president of Boeing Canada at the time, Stanley Burke.

Other names that were considered instead of Burkeville according to this website were Priorityville, Toyler's Town, Fog Gultch, Essential Square, Aero, Victory and Sea Island. The roads were also given aviation-related names after aircraft type or notable aviators.

Burkeville was also home to famous Canadian aviator Dan McIvor, a man who received the Order of Canada for developing water-bombing techniques that saved thousands of acres of forest in British Columbia.

More information about the history of Burkeville.

Photography credit to Daniel McEwan


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