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Fun Fact Friday: Steel beams in the International Terminal evoke the hull of a boat

Sometimes when you're travelling, it's hard to look anywhere but straight ahead. What terminal am I in? What gate am I departing from? Where is the Tim Hortons and how many Timbits is it socially acceptable to order at once? But at YVR, we encourage you to stop for a second and look up - provided you're not running late for your flight.

Last week, we tweeted about the light fixtures in the International Terminal representing log jams along the Fraser River. And to prove that feature wasn't just a haphazard install job, here is another notable architectural feature that also delivers that unique West Coast sense of place.

Located in the International Terminal, the structural steel beams pictured above are designed to evoke the hull of a boat. A fitting detail in this area of the terminal, which was designed to celebrate the beauty of B.C.'s waterways. You'll find the best view of these imposing steel beams as you return from an international flight and make your way to the Customs Hall. Adjacent to this view is the moon jellyfish aquarium.

The next time your travels take you to and through our airport, we hope you have a chance to stop and enjoy our surroundings and how they celebrate spectacular British Columbia. 
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