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Fun Fact Friday: YVR's Air Traffic Control Tower is More Than 200 Feet Tall

The Air Traffic Control Tower is not only vital to the safe and efficient operation of YVR, but also integral to the identity of the airport. If you're driving over the No. 2 Road Bridge or cruising down Grant McConachie Way towards the terminal, the iconic tower stands out against the sky line and the iconic silhouette announces YVR to the world. Opened in 1996, the tower is home to dedicated NAV Canada controllers who monitor and direct the incoming and outgoing aircraft safely and efficiently. Standing at more than 19 storeys high (approx. 205 feet) YVR's tower is built to withstand an earthquake with a 7.2 magnitutde on the Richter scale and is the second-tallest ATC tower in Canada (behind YYC).


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  • Rusty wrote on Nov 08 2015 AT 1:01 PM

    I have the privilege of 1: being the youngest PP certified in Aust  - too many years ago, and 2: spending lots of time listening to YVR departures (mostly).  
    Your accuracy, precision, humour, gentility and tolerance/guidance, for those that need it, is a joy to listen to.  
    Congratulations ladies and gentlemen.
    (I love the gradual change underway: Air Canada  --- AirCan  --- Can.  Less is more! yes. Without any loss of message delivery certainty.)
    You all perform a massively important task and you do it so well (day in and day out), so elegantly and with such civility.

    "the live feed is so nourishing".  I paint all day and you are my Mozart :)
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