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Made-at-YVR Technology Improves U.S. Customs Process

Automated Passport Control in action.

Another made-at-YVR first was unveiled this month with the launch of Automated Passport Control, an expedited customs entry process that uses self-service kiosk technology to help clear the U.S. border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection worked closely with the simplified passenger team at the Airport Authority to launch Automated Passport Control.  U.S. passport-holders will be the first travellers to have access to the new system, and the program will be offered to Canadian passport-holders in the coming weeks.  This innovation is expected to reduce wait times and congestion for U.S.-bound passengers, while still meeting high standards for safety and security.

Travellers heading to U.S. destinations from YVR will see a new set of self-serve kiosks in place in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection preclearance area.  At the kiosk, on-screen instructions prompt a traveller to scan their passport and answer questions about customs declaration using a touch screen. When finished, the kiosk prints a receipt, which the passenger takes to an officer to clear the border.

From electronic check-in kiosks to Automated Border Clearance (ABC) kiosks found in the Canada Customs Hall, self-serve technology that speeds up the passenger experience can be found everywhere at YVR. Beyond YVR’s walls, this home-grown innovation is expected to show up at other airports across North America.  The Canadian version – ABC – is already in place at Toronto and Montreal airports, and recently Chicago O’Hare announced its purchase of 32 kiosks to offer its passengers the same safe and efficient U.S. border clearance experience now available at YVR.

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  • P.T. Freeman wrote on May 11 2013 AT 11:35 AM

    I wonder if the machine stamps the passport also....... 
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