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Not taking a trip for Valentines Day? How about just the airport?

You’ve done the stand-alone dinner, the walk on the beach and the picnic for Valentine’s Day – but have you ever done the airport? It’s creative, different and even if you’re sweetie isn’t an aviation buff, the date is guaranteed to score high on the impressive scale.

There’s plenty of options for a romantic foray at YVR. We’ll list a few activities available in the pre-security area of the airport, and leave you to create the perfect date (and take all of the credit, of course).

Dining is a key component to most Valentine’s Day celebrations, and there are several dining options to suit various tastes and budgets at YVR, including:

Hanami Restaurant, International Terminal
Hanami, a long-time favourite of YVR regulars & employees, offers a revolving sushi bar, tatami rooms, a lounge and dim sum lunches. Friendly service, low lights and cozy booths make it a perfect place to share a California roll or two.

White Spot
A recent addition to YVR is the B.C. classic, White Spot. Nothing says love like  fresh salads, pasta and, of course, the Spot’s legendary burgers. Even better, the popular restaurant is located just a quick walk from the Canada Line so you can have a glass of wine or two, too!

For something a bit-more upscale, check out Globe @ YVR. Located within the Fairmont Hotel in the U.S. Terminal, Globe offers award-winning cuisine with a view over the airfield. Watch aircraft come and go as you sip a glass of wine and enjoy a truly fine-dining experience. Globe is offering a special Valentine’s Menu; reservations recommended.

Whilst important, food isn’t all that a date’s about. It’s exploring the airport that will set your date apart from just another dinner. Choose one, or combine several of the activities listed, for a memorable evening. 

Observation Area
Located in the Domestic Terminal, the Observation Area offers a great view over the airfield – even if it’s dark. Spot and differentiate the airfield vehicles and the aircraft themselves while gazing romantically over the runway.  There are videos, displays and free telescopes within the space, making it a unique place to explore after dinner with a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons or Starbucks,  or a gelato from Daniel le Chocolat Belge.

Self Guided Art Tour
The airport is carefully designed to be as visually pleasing as possible, with an impressive collection of art and some phenomenal architectural details. Download and print our self guided art tour from our website, then hold hands as you learn about the Green Wall, the Haida Gwaii, the Spirit of the Jade Canoe and Supernatural World.

If you haven’t had time to pick out the perfect gift yet, why not incorporate shopping into the date. Located before security is a florist, wine shop, PGA TOUR shop, Taraxca Jewellery, the Aquarium Store, Virgin Books & Entertainment, and Craft House BC. Visit our website for a full list of shops and services.

People Watching
If you’ve seen the movie Love Actually you’ve noticed the opening scene that shows emotional reunions and departures at an airport. One of the most interesting things to do at YVR is to seat yourself in the International Arrivals Area and watch as loved ones are reunited. What’s more romantic than a Valentine’s Day reunion?

Flight Path Park
Once you’ve visited the terminal buildings, you may want to drive to Flight Path Park for some plane spotting and star gazing. What’s more romantic than gazing at the stars as a 747 takes off overhead? This romantic spot will lead to some great conversations (& just conversations, as this is a public park) about future travels, plans and dreams. Here's a map showing Flight Path Park's location.

Happy Valentine’s Day from YVR.

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