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Spring Break Travel at YVR

Spring Break has sprung! The popular holiday means lots of people are either headed home after vacation, or squeezing in a long weekend before the fun is over. More than 60,000 people will travel through YVR on each of our busiest days headed in to the weekend. Any every one of those passengers will travel with about one-and-a-half pieces of luggage. But don't worry, we are ready! Are you ready? Follow our trusty Spring Break Travel Guide and together we will get you on your plane and on your way to fun in the sun.



 There's three things to be extra aware of when travelling during peak times:


Do you know somebody who is always late? You don't? Then this person is probably you. Travel, unlike a party, is one of those things you don't want to be fashionably late for, regardless of how fabulous you look. As hard as we try to make the travel process seamless, more people can result in a little longer time spent parking, grabbing that last-minute item in the terminal and getting through security. Leave yourself ample time to do all of those things, so if something unexpected happens you're covered.

Quick Tips:

  • Get your parking out of the way by booking online in advance. Don't forget the coupon!
  • Take a look at our terminal maps to see where you need to get dropped off. Don't waste time schlepping your stuff across the airport.
  • Check in online with your airline before you even get here. Then you will just tag your bags, drop them off and head on through.
  • Save time through security by following these tips from CATSA.


I'm not one of the late people as mentioned in the previous section, but I definitely leave packing until midnight the night before I depart. I just can't help it. This leads to situations where I pack seven t-shirts but no jackets and lots of shoes but no socks.

Quick tips:

  • Check the CATSA website to see what you can and can't pack. Knitting needles? Sure. Gun-shaped belt buckle? Leave at home.
  • Weigh your bag to ensure it isn't too heavy and won't require re-packing to avoid fees. Scales are available here at the airport; check with your airline for weight restrictions.
  • Roll don't fold. More stuff, less wrinkles.
  • Free up space by ditching that parka. If  you're sporting a heavy coat when you get to the airport while headed for a sunny destination, leave it at CDS Baggage Services for a dollar a day and grab it when you return.


We take the business of flying very seriously, but that doesn't mean you have to! Spring Break is a time for you to get away and enjoy yourself on a well-deserved vacation. In fact, the party starts here at YVR. We've got oodles of activities in the airport.

Quick Tips:

  • Follow the TIME and PACKING sections to ensure maximum funs with minimal stress.
  • Shopping is fun. World Duty Free in International Departures has many great deals on clothes, cosmetics and other items, while other shops pre- and post-security have a vast selection of clothing, local sports teams' apparel, and really whatever it is you're looking for.
  • Eating and drinking is also enjoyable. Monk's Grill on C Pier is great if you have time to sit down, and Globe at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport is fine dining with spectacular views of the mountains and the airfield.
  • If you're travelling with children, utilize the play areas to keep the kiddies busy, which in turn will allow you to relax.
  • And finally, if you're flying out of US Departures, watch out for our Green Coat Volunteers between 2 and 6 PM this weekend and next. They'll be teaching kids young and old how to make the perfect paper airplane.  
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