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We hate to see it happen. A plane is delayed due to weather or a flight is cancelled for any number of legitimate reasons and passengers are left in the lurch. They are trying to get home to see their families, they're off on their honeymoon or really need to make an important busness meeting. Reservations are altered, phone calls are made, plans are changed and everybody tries their darndest to get everybody on their way as quickly and safely as possible.

Sometimes lost in the mix is the struggle that airline and airport staff also go through when faced with similar situations.

That flight attendant or pilot working your route is also trying to get home, and the gate agent trying to rebook a couple hundred not-so-happy people has a hungry cat that needs feeding at home (poor Professor Whiskers) and a dentist appointment that they are about to miss (for the second time). They are tired, hungry and just want that flight push and see you get going on your way.

On days like this, when our airport friends in Toronto and Chicago and other places being impacted by the adverse weather conditions, it's not just the passengers that need a helping hand. There are hundreds of hard-working folks toiling in sub-zero temperatures trying to get those planes moving or loading up bags or even the customer care and social media folks who go in to over drive trying to respond to the inundation of requests and enquiries coming in at mugh higher than normal volumes.

So if you get the chance, thank a customer service representative, smile for your flight attendant or buy a coffee for that ramp agent with icicles in his beard. We're all in this together!

Kudos to staff at Air Canada, WestJet, Pearson and all the other airports and airlines all across North America and the world for their tireless efforts when the chips are down, and for doing it all with a smile.

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