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The Braydon Files Part 3: Support System

In our third installment of the Braydon Files, YVR-sponsored Paralympic skier Braydon Luscombe explains the importance of his support system which includes Alpine Canada, coaches, sponsors, trainers, and of course his friends and family:

Having a solid support system is one of the key aspects to having a successful athletic career.

I can honestly say I would not have been able to make it to Sochi on my own. There is too much work that goes into organizing, logistics and not to mention the financial demands of a sports career, and if I was to thank everyone and the whole support staff that got me here since I lost my leg... I would miss my upcoming race listing the people who helped me out. So many people have freely given up their time to make my dream come true and helped me reach my goals.

Alpine Canada provides a support staff that travels with us everywhere we go. Our team consists of about half athletes and half staff, or about 13 athletes and 11 or 12 staff that will travel with us. They coach, train and help us become the fastest skiers we can. Off hill they are organizing the next trip we have and you'll never see the coaches not busy. Athletic Director Brianne Law is the "head" of our team who does all the behind-the-scenes work that we rarely ever see, but appreciate because we know without her this team wouldn't be what it is.

We work with two ski technicians who are out on the hill every day if and use their magic hands to fix up our equipment so if we have a problem we will beback on the hill in seconds racing again.

Physiotherapists are our godsends. They do anything we need on the hill throughout the day. Once we get off the hill... they're there for us scheduling in our physio appointment time, giving us a good stretch, deep tissue massage or acupuncture. They have all the tools to keep us on our feet and feeling good. We have a strength and fitness coach who keeps us ready for the upcoming races, and will organize a training a time ever y day where we all meet together, whether it's for a workout or a stretch/yoga session, or just spin and flush on the bike. All of this great crew on the team works together and creates one of the best environments we could ask for and helps us reach our goals .

Of course I can't leave out my family and friends. My family has taken the biggest role in getting me where I am today, to the Sochi 2014 Paralympics. They have worked with me since day one, pushing me to find an activity to overcome the loss of my leg. My family has sacrificed so much of their time and worked tirelessly to make a good living to support me financially as a young guy going to all these events. Thanks to YVR they have been able to join me in Sochi and be here in person to watch me live a lifelong dream. It means so much to have them here with me as I go for gold!

Braydon currently sits in second place in the Super Combined and will be racing for gold on Friday!

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