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Top Technology for Travellers

Keeping entertained and connected while travelling has become much easier in recent years. Tablet computers have replaced heavy laptops; e-readers have replaced a stack of books and portable DVD players and Smartphones keep the little ones entertained.

To keep up with tech-saavy travellers, Vancouver International Airport has also upped its tech-friendly capabilities like offering free WiFi throughout the terminal as well as plug-in stations at each gate for passengers to charge-up before their flight. Forgot your charger or headphones at home? Our Boutique iStore is here to help you find the latest technology for your travels.

For those in a hurry, be sure to check out one of our four Boutique iStore vending machines, located in the Domestic Terminal before security at the food court and after security in C Pier. If you’re travelling internationally, you can find the vending machines at Gates 52 and 70.These vending machines are stocked with headphones, charging cords, digital cameras, iPads, all types of connection cables and more.

So what do tech-travellers have in their carry-on? Here are a few favourites:

  • Tablets: Tablets have risen quickly to become a traveller’s top choice. The tablet’s lightweight, mobile screen allows people to connect to the internet, play games, watch movies, listen to music, and read books – all with something that will easily fit in the seat pocket (but don’t forget it there!).  The most popular tablet is the iPad, but recent additions to the market, such as the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 offer great, easier-on-the-wallet alternatives.
  • Smartphones: Smartphones are another staple in the pockets and bags of travellers. Not only do these double as your cell phone, they also connect to the internet, allow you to check your email, listen to music, play games and more. Everyone likely knows about the popularity of Apple’s iPhone and even the older favourite, Blackberry, but look out of the Samsung Galaxy III to start making some waves in the Android phone market.
  • E-readers: If you’re one of those people who can read five or more novels on a seven- day beach vacation, an e-reader could be your new best friend. Leave the heavy books on the shelf, and download your favourite novels onto a thin, paper-back sized screen. The thing that sets e-readers apart from reading books on a tablet is that these screens are not back-lit and feels no different on your eyes than reading a paper book. Three of the most popular e-readers out there are the Amazon Kindle, Chapters Kobo and Barnes & Noble Nook.
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  • Robin wrote on May 13 2013 AT 1:05 AM

    I was at the YVR, Sunday, May 12, 2013.  I tried connecting to the free WIFI with my Kindle Fire.   Unfortunately, it would not connect up.  I tried connecting about five times and each time the attempt failed.   My Kindle Fire found the signal and said it was at good strength.  So I don't know why it would not connect.
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