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Twelve Days of YVR Holiday Travel Tips, Day 6: Finish up last-minute tasks at YVR

Most of us are familiar with that dreaded "I think I've forgotten something" feeling that often accompanies a vacation.  Did I unplug the iron? Did I leave enough food for Professor Whiskers? Did I remember to pack my sweatpants? Despite our best efforts and meticulous list-making, something always seems to slip through the cracks. 

That's where YVR's services come in handy. Once you're at the airport, there’s still a chance to take care of some last-minute minutiae.

For instance, post a parcel or your Christmas cards at the Canada Post office, located inside 7-Eleven on Level 1 of the Domestic Terminal (before security).

Handle another commonly-forgotten task - the very important out-of-office automatic message - using YVR's free WiFi service (network is @yvrairport). Heck, you can even pay your bulging credit card bill and begin your holiday guilt-free. YVR was the first Canadian airport to offer free WiFi throughout the terminal, and we're looking at ways to improve this service in the year to come. Happy travels.

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