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YVR Improves Sea Island Cycling Network

Cycling safety improvements continue on YVR’s Sea Island home this summer, with the widening of bike lanes on both sides of the Arthur Laing Bridge.

The upgrade is the latest in a series of improvements to Sea Island’s 24-km cycling network. Last year, a new Russ Baker Way Pathway was added as a means to offer safe bike access between YVR and Burkeville. This one-kilometre path also connects to Larry Berg Flight Path Park, which features a commuter station that’s complete with a bike pump and repair station.

YVR’s Sea Island home is a perfect destination for cycling.  With extensive bike paths and lanes, parking and Canada Line access, biking near the airport is accessible to every level of enthusiast.  Home to one of the world’s largest salmon runs and an estuary providing a major staging area for migratory birds, the environment surrounding YVR is an ideal natural setting for commute, team or recreational riding.

Maps of Sea Island’s different bike paths can be found at on


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  • Greg wrote on Aug 01 2014 AT 9:12 AM

    It would be really helpful to have an external walkway/bikepath affixed to the Arthur Laing bridge itself as was done with the Cambie Skytrain crossing.  Every day hundreds of cyclists put their lives at risk cycling over the bridge deck just inches from passing cars and also have to cross over multiple lanes of traffic on the Vancouver side.

    Good work on the improvements along Ferguson Road.  Hopefully in the end there will be a cycling path all the way to Iona.
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