The Airport Authority is responsible for ensuring that construction at Vancouver International Airport adheres to the facility permit process. The airport is located on federal land, and is not subject to the jurisdiction of the City of Richmond.

We require that all construction projects on airport lands, including the alteration or modification of existing structures, comply with the facility permit process. The permit process applies to construction undertaken by both third parties and the Airport Authority.

A party seeking to construct, modify or demolish a structure on Airport Authority lands must apply for and obtain a Development Permit for a new facility.  Complete a Development Permit Application and provide the required information in accordance with the Land Development Manual.

All construction that makes any changes to any of the facilities on the airport including work within leased buildings is required to obtain a Facility Permit.  For information see the Facility Permit Guidelines

The applicable Building Code for all construction at the Airport is the National Building Code of Canada.  All new Facility Permit Alterations must be designed under the 2010 edition of the National Building Code of Canada.    

Facility Permit Application Supporting Forms:

The FAP process is established Airport Authority Board of Directors through a by-law and by the Development Rules established by the Executive Committee of the Airport Authority.

Land Development and Construction By-Law

Development Rules 

The MFP form is used for projects that do not require registered professional designers.

Engineering Services Contact Information

Phone:  604-276-6530

Location (courier address):                 

3011 Aylmer Road                                
Richmond, BC V7B 1A2                                              

Mailing address:

PO Box 23750 Airport Postal Outlet
Richmond, BC V7B 1Y7

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