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Operating an airport involves the coordinated efforts of many organizations including business partners, government agencies and airlines. In much the same way, managing aeronautical noise requires many parties who work together to help mitigate the noise impact on surrounding communities.

It is the Airport Authority's priority to manage and operate YVR in a safe and efficient manner.  As such, we are responsible for noise management - including noise complaints and monitoring - for aircraft arriving and departing YVR within 10 nautical miles. We are also mandated to have a noise management plan, approved by the Minister of Transport.

Our key partners in noise management are Transport Canada and NAV CANADA.

Transport Canada

Role at YVR: Transport Canada is the federal body that regulates aviation in Canada. Their job is to develop transportation policies and legislation and to maintain safety and security. Transport Canada reviews, approves and publishes noise control measures at airports and enforces suspected violations of noise abatement procedures.


Role at YVR: NAV CANADA provides air navigation services for all of Canada. Their role is to provide air traffic control services, operate and maintain navigation and approach aids and equipment; and perform regular engineering flight checks for all runway landing systems.

Aeronautical Noise Management Committee (ANMC)

The ANMC provides a forum for community and industry stakeholders to discuss and ask questions about noise management at YVR. The Committee meets quarterly and members are independently appointed by their respective stakeholder groups that include citizen representatives, municipal governments, the Musqueam Indian Band, airlines, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada and the Airport Authority.

For more information about making a delegation to the Committee please email us at noise@yvr.ca


You can view ANMC Minutes here.

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