As well as being accountable as a business, we are accountable for the environmental impacts of the airport. We monitor, record and report on our environmental performance in several ways. From measuring total particulate matter in our air to recording the composition of YVR’s recycling, we use the data to ensure we’re working toward a sustainable future.

We’re accountable to our community as well as our local, municipal and provincial governments. We not only meet all government regulations, we seek to exceed them with our own innovative initiatives that support a sustainable airport.

The Airport Authority also reports back to our community in a number of ways: in person through advisory committees, annual public meetings and municipal council meetings or in formal reports such as the annual sustainability report, the noise management report and the environmental management plan.

Community Involvement

Sustainability is more than just about reducing our impact - it’s also about maintaining positive relationships with our neighbours.

Both the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and the Aeronautical Noise Management Committee (ANMC) enable our community to give us direct feedback. The committees also allow the Airport Authority to engage and consult members to ensure open and honest communications.

Environmental Advisory Committee

The EAC provides input and suggestions on the Airport Authority's environmental practices and programs. The EAC represents diverse interests, including community and environmental groups, industry, government and the Musqueam Indian Band.  Representatives are appointed by their respective stakeholder groups.

Aeronautical Noise Management Committee (ANMC)

The ANMC provides a forum for community and industry stakeholders to discuss and ask questions about noise management at YVR. The committee meets quarterly and members are independently appointed by their respective stakeholder groups that include citizen representatives, municipal governments, the Musqueam Indian Band, airlines, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada and the Airport Authority.

Want to know more?

Read up on YVR's environmental plans and reporting:

Environmental Management Plan

Annual Noise Reports

Annual Sustainability Report

Read the minutes of the most recent meetings of our two advisory committees.

Environmental Advisory Committee

EAC Minutes 16 October 2014 PDF 135 KB

EAC Minutes 24 April 2014 PDF 179 KB

EAC Minutes 30 January 2014 PDF 63 KB

EAC Minutes 17 October 2013 PDF 57 KB 

EAC Minutes 9 May 2013 PDF 69 KB 

EAC Minutes 31 January 2013  PDF 52 KB 

Aeronautical Noise Management Committee

ANMC Terms of Reference  PDF 153 KB

ANMC Minutes 26 November 2015  PDF 167 KB 

ANMC Minutes 22 July 2015 PDF 145 KB

ANMC Minutes 1 April 2015 PDF 145 KB

ANMC Minutes 14 Jan 2015 PDF 914 KB

ANMC Minutes 15 Oct 2014 PDF 914 KB

ANMC Minutes 30 Apr 2014 PDF 63 KB

ANMC Minutes 4 Dec 2013 PDF 292 KB 

ANMC Minutes 10 September 2013  PDF 108 KB 

ANMC Minutes 24 April 2013  PDF 167 KB 

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