Security Information

Pack smart and fly secure. Find packing tips for carry-on and checked baggage and answers to your security questions.

Passenger Pre-Board Screening

Regardless of your destination, all passengers are required to go through pre-board screening before going to their gate for departure.  At YVR, there are security checkpoints in the Domestic, International, U.S. and South Terminals. Passengers should follow the signs to their assigned gate, to find the closest security checkpoint.

In Canada, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is responsible for the screening of passengers and their bags at airports. Learn more about the pre-board screening process on CATSA’s website. Apart from the security checkpoint areas, please note that you may also be subject to spot check inspections within the gate lounge areas. CBSA officers regularly patrol these areas, accompanied by dogs.

Pack Smart

To help ensure security and speed up the pre-board screening process, plan ahead and learn about what to pack and how to pack to make your trip go smoothly.

Liquids, Gels & Aerosols

  • Containers must be 100ml or less and fit in a clear, 1L bag. Items purchased from an airline or airport retailer and properly sealed in official security bags and accompanied by a receipt will also be accepted. 
  • Learn more about packing liquids including exemptions.

Permitted and Non Permitted

Dangerous Goods


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